Agallah The Don

The eccentricities that make musicians loveable or unfuckwithable are often times glaring. Agallah the Don is an artist whose persona is one that lends to inspiration, excitement, and a genuine love of hip hop. It was my pleasure to interview him and to discuss topics such as his recent project with producer Alchemist, what he […]

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Re Up: House Shoes

If you know anything about anything, you fucking know House Shoes. …and if you know music, then you definitely know Shoes, as he is at the epicenter of so much of what is good and pure in music. There are few people that are involved in this music shit whose opinion I trust more, whose […]

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Ras Kass

There are individuals in the culture of hip hop that have truly helped create what we have all come to know and love. Ras Kass is one of those individuals. I recently had the opportunity to interview him, and I have to say that, getting to talk to him about not only his own music […]

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